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Spartan Race - August 15th - Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, July 29, 2010 2:00 PM

On Sunday, August 15th I will be participating in the Spartan Race.  The event takes place at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.  It is a 5K Race.  Below is a brief description of the event taken directly from their website along with a video of the event:

"The Spartan Race is for athletes and people who are tired of the tedium of the usual races and workouts and yearn to recapture the spirit of an adventurous age. This international race is set up to test not only the strength and stamina but the cunning and creativity of each athlete’s warrior essence. Participants will confront obstacles ranging from extreme to absurd that gain their inspiration from sources as varied as Spartan training, Navy SEAL training and American Gladiators."

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