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I Began Taking Bikram Yoga Classes

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 2:00 PM

I took my first Bikram Yoga class two Sundays ago.  I decided that since many of my hobbies involve serious physical exertion (e.g., Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Weight Training, Running) that I would supplement my physical regime with something a bit more focused on flexibility, balance, and focus.  I landed on Bikram Yoga.  I have taken Yoga classes in the past but thought that doing Yoga in a 105 degrees would be an interesting twist.  The first class was difficult but enjoyable.  I went again this past Saturday.  The temperature seemed to be significantly higher and I took several breaks because I was feeling light headed, but it was still fun and challenging.  I have posted a video below that gives a good overview of what Bikram Yoga is about.

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