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Results of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament – Not Good :-(

Monday, February 21, 2011 8:00 AM

On Saturday I competed in my first Jiu Jitsu tournament since 2007. It did not go well.

My first match I had one of the brown belts from my academy instructing me and before the match started he looked at me and told me I better start moving now because the other guy was going to come at me. I got a little panicky because at that moment all I was doing was just standing there waiting for the match to begin. So I started moving around as much as one can for the ten seconds before the referee started the match.

The guy came at me like a train and things just didn’t go well from there. Somehow I ended up on the floor and while I was able to get out of some bad positions I somehow ended up right back in them.

At some point the guy got me into an armbar which I was almost positive I was about to get out of, until it went from something like this:

To this:

At that point he really locked out my arm which made a slightly funny noise. My other arm was trapped but I barely managed to reach him to tap, and thank goodness he let go. There are guys that will keep going with a submission if it isn’t the referee that stops them and if that was the case I might be in a cast right now. My arm hurts a ton at this point and if it doesn’t start feeling better in a day or two I’m going to have to get it looked at.

My second match I fared slightly better, but with a similar outcome.

At that point I didn’t know what had hit me and I was mentally done. My arm was killing me, and my lip or mouth was bleeding so my mouth guard looked nasty. But I wasn’t going to quit, so I took the second match and thankfully this guy looked like he wanted to have fun in a tournament, not try to kill me like the other guy.

We had a bit of a back and forth on the feet but I got taken down and then couldn’t manage to get into an advantageous position. A few minutes in he got me in a triangle choke from his guard…which came about from him trying to put me in it from mount and I suppose we rolled over into his guard at that point…I just don’t remember. Anyhow I started stacking and trying to turn to get out of it but at some point he extended my arm…the one that just got messed up from the first match and it was sort of like a triangle / armbar combo and I just tapped, right on his far head. In hindsight I think I could have kept going. He seemed more concerned with the triangle and maybe I could have gotten out of it…though with those one second you think you are getting out of it and the next you are sleeping, so maybe it is a good thing I tapped when I did.

While I feel very disappointed and frustrated at my performance, there is another tournament coming up in the beginning for March.  If my arm starts feeling better by this coming Friday, I will sign up for the next one :-)

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