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Milan, Italy - Day 2

Friday, June 1, 2012 8:00 AM

Today did not fair well in the way of exploring Milan. 

In the morning I checked out the complimentary breakfast they had at the hotel. While the breakfast was an extensive buffet, the food must have been made by either first time cooks or people lacking taste buds. 

After breakfast I went to the hotel's fitness facility to workout and then spent the rest of the day recovering from something I ate at breakfast. 

In the evening my girlfriend's company threw a huge shindig at a place called the Roialto. It was a pretty good time. They had a Jazz band playing the entire night, I had a good deal of wine and food and they had a nice outdoor area on the roof. At a table where they had a huge selection of desserts there was a dessert nazi. He was assigned to work the table and give people whatever dessert they desired, but the table was so large that he was having a difficult time keeping up with the orders. As a result people would attempt to serve themselves and this guy flipped out. He would grab utensils away from people and yell at them in Italian. Hence, he was the dessert nazi. They also had the most bizarre bathroom I'd ever been in.  Upon entering the bathroom there is a row of sinks and an employee directing men into individual bathrooms for the men and individual bathrooms for the women. Apparently the women's rooms had normal toilets, but the men's rooms had what looked like a bizarre shower station. This was on a raised platform where you place both feet on...well to me it looked self evident where you placed your feet and then you piss into the drain in the floor. However, when I went to press what appeared to be the flusher with my feet, the entire floor of this shower-like peeing station began filling with water, including where I was standing. I went to jump back and went flying since I completely forgot I was on a raised platform. I wacked one of my arms and legs against something and made a lot of noise in the process. When I walked out of the room the bathroom employee and couple of girls on the line just looked at me like I was nuts. And then I couldn't figure out how to operate the sink. How was I supposed to know the sink worked by stepping on a foot pedal on the floor? For a modern looking place, its bathroom felt like it came from the stone age.

Tomorrow we are planning on checking out the Duomo which is in Central Milan. It is supposed to be the third largest cathedral in the world and a very impressive sight to take in. There is supposed to be several sights around it, but I'll get to all of it once I blog about the next day's adventures.

 Photo of us from at the Roialto

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