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Aruba: Day 1 & 2

Monday, July 30, 2012 8:00 AM

Day 1 (Friday)

We took a morning Jet Blue flight from JFK to Aruba. For anyone planning on taking a Jet blue flight, but haven’t flown with them before, they charge you for almost everything. Even for a blanket or a pillow. They do have media screens on all the seats, but if you want to enjoy it you will need to either have brought your own pair of headphones or pay for a pair on the plane. They did give beverages and chips/crackers and encouraged passengers to take as much of it as they wanted at the back of the plane.

We are staying at a time share resort called La Cabana.  One of the benefits of having a time share is that kitchens are included in the units.  This ends up being a great money saver since you can easily bring home leftovers and easily make breakfast instead of going out to eat for every meal.

The suite we have on this trip is pretty nice.  It has a bedroom that is separate from the kitchen and living room.  There is a balcony, but it doesn't offer a view of anything of note.  The resort has undergone a lot of renovations since I last came here over a decade ago.  I don't even recognize any of it.  We have noticed that not only with La Cabana, but with almost all the resorts here the beach is literally a twenty foot walk from the resort premises.

After we checked in we headed to the pool area and then to the beach to see what was available.  We were very satisfied.  The pool is massive and the beach is beautiful and surprisingly not crowded.  We had our first meal of the trip at a restaurant at the resort called Island Grill.  If you stay at La Cabana, I would stay away from Island Grill.  Definitely not worth a repeat.

Day one ended for me early.  After the not so spectacular late lunch at Island Grill I took an eight hour nap, effectively sleeping away the day. I might have been so tired from the muscle relaxants I’ve been taking for a rib injury that occurred in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class a week ago.

Day 2 (Saturday)

We started Saturday off early by heading to the fitness facility located at the resort.  It was surprisingly nice.  We were only expecting a multi-use weight machine and maybe some cardio equipment.  Not only did it have lots of equipment, but it also had a separate room for classes and another full of cardio equipment. I was able to get a good workout in, but focusing more on low weight, high reps so I wouldn’t exacerbate my injury. We then headed back to the room and planned out our week, making dinner reservations for the remainder of our stay and some adventure activities.

So far our week looks like the following,

Sunday:  Atlantis Submarine Adventure, Brunch at the Dutch Pancake House, Visit a Casino, Gym, Dinner at El Gacho

Monday: Dinner at Madame Jannettes

Tuesday: Dinner at the Flying Fish Bone 

Wednesday: Possibly De Palm Island

Thursday: Dinner at Pinchos Bar & Grill

Friday: Early Flight Home

For the rest of Saturday we hung out by the pool.   The pool setup at the resort is pretty nice.  There are plenty of lounge chairs around the pool so we didn't have to go hunting for a place to plant ourselves.  The pool itself has a volley ball section, waterfalls, a fun slide and just plenty of room for everyone and multiple hot tubs.  One aspect of Aruba that I haven't been thrilled with is the wind.  This island is windy.  It makes it a little difficult to read by the pool and if you are getting low on your drink you have to pay attention that it doesn't blow away.

For dinner we wend to an Indian Restaurant called Tandoor Indian Grill House.  The food was better than Indian food we've had in New York.  At night we checked out the night life and bar hoped to several different bars starting at the South Beach Bar which is near the Hard Rock Cafe.  The night life here is great.  The bars are packed, you can walk around with your drinks and some of the bars have happy hour going until 11 p.m., which makes drinking fairy cheap.  The drinking age here is 18, so the crowds including some young looking groups having a good time.  Everything is done with US dollars and everyone here seems to speak English, which makes ordering food and drinks very straight forward.

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