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Aruba: Day 3 (with Submarine Trip)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 8:00 AM

We scheduled the Atlantis Submarine Adventure for 10 a.m. which meant we were supposed to arrive at the location at 9:30 a.m. We decided to get there even earlier just to be sure we didn’t miss it. We arrived at 9 a.m. and since the place was closed we headed across the street to the Crystal Casino. We were planning to head there in the afternoon, but since we had some time to kill we decided to play some slots early. We got the player cards which came with complimentary five dollars on each card. We made and lost $50 off the cards and then another forty of our own money. That is the extent of our gambling. My tolerance is approximately $50 of my own money. After that I’m just not willing to gamble anymore on slots.

After abandoning the slots we headed back to the Atlantis Submarine departure area. We were taken on a fifteen minute boat ride to the submarine and then boarded the Atlantis VI. I’ve never been on a submarine before and this was pretty cool. It descended to a hundred and thirty feet, way past what we would have gone to scuba diving if my ribs weren’t hurting me. We saw two wrecks and lots of coral reef and fish. We saw large turtles, barracudas and a bunch of scuba divers that did some back flips to entertain us while they were diving around the reefs. We were submerged for somewhere between forty minutes to an hour. Below is a video from the company that does the Submarine experience.

The company also does the submarine adventures in several other locations including Hawaii, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Cozumel, St. Martin and Guam.  Check out the main site here:

After the submarine we headed to the Renaissance Marketplace which was a five minute walk to the Dutch Pancake House. I guess we are a bit silly not knowing that what they meant by Dutch Pancakes was crepes. They didn’t serve pancakes at all. The crepes though were fantastic. We also ordered Dutch Poffertjes which are silver dollar pancakes covered in the powder used on funnel cakes. They were pretty good too.

After brunch we headed back to the time share to unwind and then headed to the gym for another workout before we went to El Gachos for dinner. 

El Gachos is an Argentine restaurant that was recommended in several Aruba tourist books and magazines. The restaurant itself was very nice and the service was great. We had Empanadas Argentinas/Hearty Pastry, which is stuffed with mince meat, chopped olives and chopped egg for an appetizer. For our entrees I had Parilla Argentina/Argentine Grill which was a dish consisting of five different meats (tenderloin, pork sausage, ribs, pork loin and beef short ribs) and Jess had the Churrasco Argentino/The Gaucho Steak. The entrees were really delicious and there wasn’t a drop left on my plate. As usual though, Jess only managed to get through a third of her steak. There is no steak too small that she can’t finish ;-) For dessert we had fried cheesecake and crème brulee. I wasn’t too thrilled with the cheese cake, but crème brulee is becoming one of my favorite desserts. One thing that we ordered that I would not recommend to anyone was the Argentine tea. It was just nasty. And it came in a strange cup with a metal straw where the tea brewed…just plain strange…and did I mention it tasted nasty? 

For tomorrow (Monday) we’ve decided to go to the Butterfly Farm in the morning and then head to the Ostrich Farm mid-day to tour the Ostriches and then eat them! Yes, muahahaha!

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