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Aruba: Day 4 (with Ostrich Eating)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 8:00 AM

After an early morning workout at the gym we headed to the Aruba Butterfly Farm. The farm itself isn’t very large, but it is definitely worth visiting. When you pay for admission you are given a free pass to return any time during your stay. We wandered around the farm looking at all the butterflies and then took part in the tour where they described what they do at the farm and lots of information on caterpillars and butterflies. We were told that while they open their doors officially at 8:30 a.m., butterflies typically will come out of their cocoons for the first time between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and that we were welcome to come at 8 a.m. to experience the birth of the butterflies. We plan on returning the next day.

We left the Butterfly Farm and headed across the island to the Ostrich Farm. I was expecting a larger crowd there, but it was fairly empty. There wasn’t even anyone at the front desk to greet us. We headed over to the bar area to find someone who could give us an idea on how things worked. We ended up going on a private tour (because we are super special and because we were the only ones there) where we met and fed emus and ostriches. The emus were much gentler when taking food from our hands, but the ostriches’ were like a bull in a china cabinet, knocking the bowl of food from our hands and splattering the “ostrich” food everywhere. By the way, that special ostrich food looks very similar to the food you feed all the goats and other animals at a regular old animal farm. We were also showed some baby ostrich and the massive ostrich eggs which apparently equal 20 regular chicken eggs. 

Lunch of course was ostrich burgers. I told you we were going to eat ostrich! We feed the ostriches and then they feed us…with themselves! It is the circle of life. Yup, we got to choose one from the farm which they transformed into a juicy burger for us. I kid, I kid…we didn’t eat any of the ostriches at the farm…but we did eat ostrich. It was worth trying, but I definitely wouldn’t choose it over a good old beef hamburger. They also offered ostrich omelets, but I wasn't in breakfast mode. They do have more ostrich dishes, but the only available ones that day were the omelets and the burgers.

The rest of the afternoon was spent by in the pool and relaxing.

For dinner we went to one of the more popular restaurants on the Island which all the tourist guides consider a “must try”.  Madame Janette was in our opinion highly over rated. All the seating is outdoors, which seemed like it would be nice, but we were plagued by a constant swarm of flies during our entire dinner. In addition, while the appetizers of crab cakes and shrimp were delicious, the entrees of almond crusted grouper and rack of lamb left much to be desired, especially for their price tags. We skipped dessert and called it a night. If you insist on going to Madame Janette for dinner, bring a fly swatter.

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