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Aruba: Day 5 (Dinner on the Beach and in the Water)

Thursday, August 2, 2012 8:00 AM

We began today with a visit to the gym and then stopped by the concierge desk to talk to the concierge named McGreggor (he doesn’t look like a McGreggor) to confirm our travel arrangements to De Palm Island for tomorrow. We reserved our places to visit the Island, but the bus that typically takes guests to the island was full so McGreggor told us he would drive us to the ferry for a fee that would be about half the cost than if we took a taxi. After we confirmed he would be driving us he recommended we take a walk to a local food truck off the beach that sold what he called, “authentic Aruban food”. 

The authentic Aruban food turned out to be grilled chicken and meat over rice and French fries. Ordering was the most disorganized ordeal I’ve ever witnessed. The cooks need to visit a Halal food vendor in New York City; they could learn a thing or two. 

For the remainder of the afternoon we lounged on the beach and swam in the water. Some of the beach goers brought pieces of bread into the water and lots of fish came to them, which became us, since we decided to make our way next to them. It was pretty cool, though I cannot imagine the bread is good for the fish. 

Dinner was at the restaurant the Flying Fish Bone. This is by far the best dining experience I have ever had in my life. I made 5:30 p.m. reservations and we were seated not only on the beach, but our table and chairs were in the water. The view was spectacular, as was the food. I think pictures will do it more justice than me trying to describe it. We enjoyed the dinner and dessert for two and a half hours, watching the sun setting and enjoying dessert at night. 



This is amazing!!! Beautiful pictures and the view is just spectacular :)


awesome pics, looks like a great place to grab a meal

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