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De Palm Island/Aruba: Day 6 (Underwater Helmet Walk)

Saturday, August 4, 2012 8:00 AM

The Concierge McGreggor flaked on us. He never showed up to drive us to the ferry for De Palm Island so we took a taxi instead.

Once on the Island we had breakfast with a beautiful view of the water and then signed up for the Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Walk. A helmet is placed over your head and rests on your shoulders with an air tube connected to the surface so you can breathe. We climbed twenty feet down to the surface and walked along a man-made path littered with sunken bus and two planes. The accompanying scuba divers carried food that the fish were attracted to and would spray it in our path which would result in massive amounts of fish swimming to us. The entire experience lasted approximately twenty minutes and was a lot of fun. Below is a video and some pictures.



After the Sea Trek we had lunch at the same location where we had breakfast. Jess then went on a banana boat ride and we spent some time snorkeling in the water. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the beach and the water park located on the island. They had a water cannon at the park that allowed whoever chose to shoot those walking up the stairs to the water slides. I must have spent over an hour shooting children and adults. The adults were more fun to shoot with the water cannon since they weren’t expecting it. 

When we were hanging out at the beach we moved the lounge chairs right into the surf zone where the water washes onto the beach. For some reason the island wasn’t very populated and we basically had the whole area of the beach to ourselves to just relax.


Chunny Bunny

2 things
(1)you look like a Spartan out of 300 in the video
(2)there's a giant turtle on the bus


This is just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :)))))))

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