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St. Maarten/Martin: Days 5 & 6 (Flyboarding + Zip Lining)

Sunday, May 19, 2013 8:00 AM

Day 5

We were to begin the day Flyboarding but woke up to rain that would not let up.  I rescheduled the Flyboarding to Friday morning and decided to head back to Philipsburg, the capital of Dutch St. Maarten to do some shopping.  While there we found a little chocolate shop with delicious chocolates called The Belgian Chocolate Box.

For dinner we went to Le Santal, which proved to be a wonderful French restaurant where we enjoyed our meal on a balcony over the water and enjoying the sunset.  One oddity was that the menu I was given had prices and the menu that Jess was given did not.  I read somewhere that this was typical of many French restaurants, but this is the first one on the island where we had seen this done.

After dinner we headed to Grand Case, which is known for restaurants for some cocktails at a place called The Blue Martini.  Traffic and parking is crazy in Grand Case and the street becomes one way, so if you don't find a spot it takes a long time to get back on the main street.

Day 6

Okay, so what is Flyboarding?  Think Iron Man, just in the water.  Instead of trying to explain further, I'm going to attach a few videos below that gives a great idea, and then get into explaining our experience.

We started by taking a small boat ride out from the beach by our resort into slightly deeper water.  Our instructors were Jonathan and Ken.  Jonathan began with explaining how the equipment worked and then demonstrating.  We would take turns doing it.  The equipment basically consists of two boots on a board which is attached to a long tube, which in turn is attached to a jet ski.  There are then two stabilizers which shoot water out which are attached to your arms.  More experienced flyboarders do not use the stabilizers.

The jet ski controls how much water is pushed through the tube which connects to the boots/board and that is what propels you out of the water.

Simply put, this was super hard, or perhaps we were just that bad at it.  Typically each person is allotted thirty minutes of flyboard time.  These guys spent the entire morning with us until we got it.  We didn't get to enjoy all the cool tricks that the advanced videos above portray, but we did have a blast....though not when falling fifteen feet (or so it felt) into the water when I lost balance.  It is not so easy to remain stabilized up there.

We would have continued with the flyboarding, but we had our heard set to go to Loterie Farm which is a former plantation in St. Martin for Zip Lining.

We decided to do their Extreme Zip Lining package.  It took an hour to get through the course and it was pretty intense at times.  Here are some pictures of our fun.

After Zip Lining (and showers lol) we an Italian restaurant called Spiga.  We were getting a bit bored by eating French every night.  The restaurant is located in Grand Case and we was a nice change of pace from the type of food we'd been eating.  From there we headed to The Piano Bar to catch a Friday night performance and enjoy some drinks.  I tried the local drink, which is Guavaberry.  I liked it, but Jess didn't care for it.

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