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St. Maarten/Martin: Day 7 & Final Thoughts

Monday, June 17, 2013 8:00 AM

For our last day on the island I wanted to go to a place that was known for its authentic local cuisine. All the guide books recommended a place called Chez Yvette in St. Martin’s French Quarter which serves local creole food. This restaurant was perhaps the hardest to find on the island. I could not find an actual address for it, just that it was in the French Quarter. I don’t think I would we would have found it if we didn’t have a navigation system with our rental car. The place itself was a hole in the wall. In New York, the type of place if you saw you would just keep going. Food was good, I ended up getting a platter of different things to get a better idea what the place was about. I would recommend going just for the experience, but if you miss it on your visit to the island, it isn’t the end of the world. 

From Chez Yvette we headed to the Sunset Bar and Grill which is a bar off Maho Beach right next to the airport on the Dutch side of the island. People enjoy standing directly under the landing path of the jets landing at the airport. The plans are extremely low above the beach and there is a risk that the jets from the planes will blow you into the ocean. Other people would wait for the jets to take off and get completely sand blasted. It was pretty amusing and interesting. 

For dinner we headed to Sol e Luna which was one of the nicest meals and by far the most expensive we’ve had on the island. It was one of the only restaurants we went to that was not right off the water, but rather higher up surrounded by nice greenery. I really enjoy making reservations for the more upscale restaurants when the restaurants first open their doors for the evening. It seems as though we have the entire restaurant to ourselves at least for most of our meal. We had done the same thing in Aruba, though at that time it was more an accidental discovery than intentional. 

The next day, Day 8, we headed back to New York.  The only item to address for the last day is, don't, under any circumstance, eat at the airport.  Disgusting food lol.

Final Thoughts 

I have to say, having a rental car was definitely a major benefit on the trip. We had learned our lesson on taking taxis when we went to Aruba and ended up spending a significant amount of money being driven around the island day after day. A lot of reviews of the island say you have to be a complete idiot if you need a navigation system to make your way around, but unless you’ve been there several times, I highly recommend one. It made life extremely easy and took the guess work out of how long it would take to get somewhere and where to go if we got a little lost. Everyone we encountered spoke fluent English and U.S. currency was accepted everywhere as was credit cards in most places. That concludes this adventure. More posts to follow later in the year during our trip to Maui, Hawaii :-)


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